and so it begins…

If you have just stumbled on this blog through manner of a random Google search or under the mistaken impression that I happen to sell nice soft pillows, I’m sorry for the confusion, and I offer you a welcome anyway.

If you came here from my Twitter or Facebook pages, you already know what this will be about, but bear with me while I explain myself to the people wanting to buy expensive textiles.

I am a writing hobbyist named Chase Erwin, who has recently released his first self-published novel, called “Bloodbound,” which is a vampire story mixed with an action/espionage story with a hint of LGBT romance dashed in for flavor. And there’s also pretty colors, but that’s not really a gay misnomer as it is just a plot point.

I wanted to write differently. There are tons of vampire stories out there, but all seem to follow the same pattern. Tortured soul vampire trying to behave while under the beguiling spell of a woman who just wants true love. There are tons of gay fiction novels out there, but all of those seem to fall into the drudgery of a stereotypical coming-of-age story or an erotic mattress-fest My apologies to fans of that type of story, but if I want to come of age, I’ll relive my high school experience, and if I want to spank it to something, I’ll do it to porn, thank you very much.

The best thing about this project is that I expect absolutely nothing from it. It’s up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in e-format from those retailers and about a half dozen others. Yes, I want my story to be read and enjoyed, and yes, I hope to gain something financially from it as well, but this is by no means my career. I work, I earn my keep, and anything I earn from this hobby is gravy for me.

What’s more important to me is that I have tapped into a creative pool I’ve wanted to use for years. The last time I wrote a completed ‘book’ was in 1998 when I had tried to write my own volume of the “Clue” book series (based on the board game). I had gotten a nifty little missive back from the publisher, Scholastic, who suggested I submit writing to Highlights for Children instead.

In the years since, I had tried again and again to write something–anything–that would capture my imagination and attention the way the Clue book had. I’d failed again and again, but I kept telling myself ‘someday, someday…’

That someday came this year. I wrote this first novel in about three months, with the support and encouragement of my boyfriend Tyler. If you read my book, you’ll note that there is quite the reference to him fairly early on in the story. And throughout, as it happens. The creative pool has not dried up, either: I am currently writing the sequel to “Bloodbound” and hope to get it self-published and available at the same retailers by the end of Spring.

This blog will help me chronicle my life juggling work (a bookseller, go figure!), school (degree in communications, how’d you guess?) and writing, while preparing to move this fall to be with Tyler as a proper domestic couple.

And so it begins, a story about a writer of no importance. Hope I won’t bore you too badly.


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