the starving ‘artist’

I’m not rich. Let’s get that out of the way right now. I hope to be, at some point. It’s a capitalistic society, so its something I kinda have to strive for. I don’t need to be extravagantly wealthy, but I at least want to have a home and the comforts necessary for a home. That’s why I’m working for my BA in communications, so I can have a decent career as opposed to working retail the rest of my life.

Right now though, I’m in that perpetual ‘paycheck to paycheck’ situation, which is fine except right now I have a whole week before I get paid again and absolutely no money to get to work or eat off of. Something will eventually turn up, even if that means getting rid of the TV I honestly don’t particularly have a use for anymore.

Today I have to go pull out the rent money, plus a stop to the dollar store so I can get a few tidbits to eat over my four day weekend.

Kinda reminds me of when I used to live in the dorms. One Thanksgiving I had virtually no money and all my friends were already gone for the holiday, so I walked over to the Long John Silvers, ordered the ten-piece treasure chest meal, and lived off that for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Yay, memories.


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