what is ‘bloodbound?’

Bloodbound Deluxe Edition (Volume 1) Cover‘Bloodbound’ is a project that I had been working on since this time last year, born out of boredom with my boyfriend, Tyler. We are tremendous fans of True Blood on HBO, and we marvel constantly at how appealing vampire lore was to us. Tyler also has a penchant for espionage and action stories, and said he wished there were a story about a government agency that employed the use of vampires. I countered that there probably were, but likely the agency was the ‘bad guy,’ and used the vampires as weapons.

Tyler and I then devised a world in which there exists an agency, acknowledged privately but at the same time completely separate from all the world’s governments, dedicated to the eradication of evil, especially the people and organizations that commit crimes against humanity. This organization, which we called The Order, is able to do in secret which public governments simply can’t do without PR problems: assassinate the purely bad people. No trials, no red tape, no chances to ‘get off scot free.’

But, we figured, how to work the vampire storyline in there? That actually proved to be quite easy. Our vampires wouldn’t walk in daylight or… sigh… sparkle, like in some novels. In our world, vampires aren’t “out of the coffin” like in the Southern Vampire Mysteries or True Blood. They are very much ‘closeted,’ but The Order knows and welcomes their existence, as their abilities and powers would be of great use to an organization that thrives on secrecy and discretion. Plus, what better way to kill someone than just sic a vamp on them, right?

I’m gay. I’m open, I make no bones about it. I also see the metaphors for gay rights that can be seen throughout the storyline of TB. I wanted the main characters, Tyler and Hunter, to be gay, but I also wanted them to not have to make a big deal about it. This story wasn’t going to be about the struggle to be gay in society. I wanted it to focus on vampirism and working for a secret operative.

So, for the first half of Bloodbound, I wanted to get the “gay stuff” out of the way as soon as possible. Hunter and Tyler meet very early on, become enamored very quickly, Hunter learns Tyler’s a vampire, ooh conflict, yada yada yada. The problem I have with most gay fiction (please note I said ‘most’) is that the characters are usually stereotypical femmes, one of them often works at a sex shop or a pride office, there’s usually a conflicted character who wishes he could ‘turn back,’ and there’s lots of bed-hopping. Not so here.

The only thing I wanted to get across about the gay storyline in this novel is that the main characters are gay. They accept it, their coworkers accept it, and it is a non-issue from that point forward.

The latter half of the book introduces us to the world of The Order and specifically the V-Division, the branch staffed mainly by vampires. We learn about The Order’s mission, we see how missions are carried out, and we learn about the level of secrecy that has to be levied due to the level of crime their targets commit.

Hopefully if you’ve read this, you are intrigued enough to buy the book and read on. If you still need a ‘taste’ of Bloodbound, almost all the sites in the Buy Bloodbound Now section feature samples of the book for you to whet your appetite. I do hope you’ll take a look.


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