writing: starting act ii

I’ll take a quick break from writing for Bloodbound 2 for a moment. I just crossed the 15,000 word mark. If I want to at least match the length of the last one that’s about 35,000 words from where I want to be.

I’ve finished off the first part, or ‘act,’ if you will, of the book, in which we are introduced to an intriguing new power that our vampire heroes have learned about. I’m trying to blur the lines further between the mythical worlds of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, general vampire lore, and the world of psychic vampires.

All that and I get to make the vampires’ eyes a pretty new color!

What is perhaps the defining aspect of my vampires from others in the genre is that their eye colors change in deference to their moods and emotions. It is a way to nonverbally communicate from vampire to vampire, as well is by way of ‘energy flow,’ where calming forces or passion-fueled energy can flow from vampire to vampire (or human).

Anywho, I just wrapped up the introduction to the new power, and now we’re getting to the main storyline here, about Tyler and Hunter’s first mission for The Order as a team.


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