bloodbound’s theme song

Poets of the Fall is an awesome band from Finland. Their music is metal meats rock meets pop, and everything in between. Their videos are sometimes beautifully twisted, sometimes hard to decipher, but always beautiful and visually stunning.

Often when I write for Bloodbound I come across this song in particular, “Locking Up the Sun.” I find myself listening to it over and over. My Hollywood producer imaginary-alter-ego sees the chorus to this song as what would make up Bloodbound‘s theme song if it were made into a series.

“Is there a hero somewhere,” they sing, “someone who appears and saves the day… someone who will never walk away, and doesn’t turn a blind eye to a crime.” Pretty much sums up the whole purpose of The Order and V-Division, doesn’t it?

Once again, we can thank the real Tyler for introducing me to this awesome band and this little gem of inspiration that keeps me writing.


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