dream journal: somewhere old, something new

On the advice of many friends… not local friends, I should mention… I have decided that if and when I have a dream I can clearly remember the details of, I should write them down. Even though I love to write, I have two dense paper notebooks sitting on a bookshelf across from me as I say this, I simply don’t like to do anything but type. It’s just easier on the knuckles.

So, ladies and gents, all ye few but faithful readers, here goes.

The first part of the dream is very ‘sketchy,’ and that’s an unintended pun. I just don’t remember much about it. It started off with me at work in the bookstore, putting back a copy of How to Seduce a Vampire, a manga story that I’ve eyed several times before in the last few weeks. Apparently it was a self-contained story and there’s only one issue.

Quickly cut to…

Tyler and I were living back at my old farmhouse in central Texas. I’ve never really held an affection or emotional tie to the places I’ve lived, but at this place, with Tyler around, I felt happy. I seem to recall we were slightly younger than we are now, and that might be due to the fact that both my grandmother and my mom were living there too: grandmother reading away in her fresh, clean, crisp room, mom sitting in the dark in her room, watching TV and smoking like a busted vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, I was in the living room watching TV and I think writing as well, and for some godforsaken reason, Tyler was sitting with my mother in her room doing some work on a sketchpad. I remember worrying that he was going to come back reeking of cigarettes and dogs (mom kept three with her in those days) and the plan was going to be to let him shower before going any further.

My bedroom used to be my aunt’s, and before that my great-grandmother’s, before each of them moved out of the house. It was the second largest bedroom in the house, and in this dream I recall that it was much better lit than it ever was in real life. But the important part is that it was ‘our’ bedroom–mine and Tyler’s. I helped him out of his dirty clothes when he finally did emerge from the dregs and vestiges of my mom’s sun room, and suggested we go shower.

I went across from my room to my mom’s bathroom (that’s just how the house was laid out), got grossed out and came back in. Tyler asked if the shower was broken or something, and I said “No, it’s just filthy, nasty… she’s never cleaned it.” She never did. So we went to my grandmother’s bathroom and took our showers separately.

When we came back to my room, Tyler showed me what he’d done. He had started a Bloodbound manga! I say manga, it was more  a graphic novel, but the characters looked like us and they were in classic manga style. But it looked freakin’ awesome. There were some panels in particular that I remember: one of a body being descended on by wild vampires, followed in the next panel by the body being dragged behind a hallway, trailing blood with it. Another panel had a really cool shot of Tyler the vampire with elongated ears and fangs (the ears are not something I describe as happening during the change in the books, but visually it looked like a good idea).

And that’s when I woke up about 40 minutes ago. Bleh.


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