four day weekend: days three/four

So I’m at the end of my little mini-vacation, and while it hasn’t exactly been the most serene and relaxing of times, I was very productive and got a lot of the things done I intended to do.

Most importantly, I got to the halfway point of the Bloodbound 2. The halfway point in this story is going to be a bit of a catalyst for some characters, a surprise to all, and the beginning of a twist that carries the rest of the book. I’m really excited about it, and as of right now, I’m brainstorming with real-life Tyler to figure out how to plan the denouement.

I got some reading in, as well. One of the books, Vampyre Sanguinomicon, I chose partly out of my ever-growing interest in the vampire subculture, but also as a sort of “reverse-research.” Without going too much into plot details, psychic vampirism is a term that will get used a few times in this novel. I want to make sure that the character or characters who claim to be psychic vamps do not adhere too closely to any actual psych-vamp clans and groups, lest I be accused of bullheadedness. So anyone in my book who says they’re a psychic vamp will either be misjudging his or her capabilities or just be lying. And it will be clear they are not ‘true’ psychic vamps.

I also read a bit more of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. How’s that for juxtaposition?


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