bloodbound: mind’s eye

The official cover (may slightly change between now and publication)

Announcing, one and all, book two in the Bloodbound series.

Bloodbound: Mind’s Eye

Hunter may still be adapting to life as a vampire, but there’s no time to waste when a sudden new power develops within him–one that baffles the other vamps, but which doesn’t seem to surprise his lover and Maker, Tyler.

Hunter, Tyler, and the vampires and agents who work for The Order must quickly learn how to control the power, which taps into the life force of humans its used on, because it’s time for Hunter’s first mission as an agent.

Homeless people are disappearing from cities across the nation and foul play is highly suspected. But what is the connection between that and a seemingly innocent environmental campaign? The answers are surprising, the revelations bizarre, and the consequences could just be deadly…

I am hoping to complete writing Bloodbound: Mind’s Eye by late in May, and to have it available for sale in print and eBook formats by early summer 2011. Stay tuned…


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