dream journal: the shop teacher works at target

Time for an entry in the dream journal. Details as usual are sketchy in some places and highly detailed in others.

There are lots of dreams I have where I’m back in high school for one reason or another. In some dreams I was coming back to teach, in others I was just there to tour the place to see how it’s changed since I left. (In reality, one of the things that’s changed is that people can’t come to visit unless they have a child there!)

Tonight’s dream was kind of a hybrid of the two. I think me and a handful of my fellow class members were back as teachers but we all acted how we did growing up back in school. Somehow or another we were all in gym clothes and we entered the ‘Pavilion,’ a grungy metal building with a plasti-grid basketball court installed inside. We took the pavilion for shelter due to a really wretched thunderstorm, because naturally, a giant all-metal building is a great place to avoid lightning.

The dream flash-cuts to the school building, which seemed to have gotten larger since the last time I was there, where I was watching, and this is exactly what it was, an educational film about why you shouldn’t cheat in a Future Farmers of America cattle show. The film was sponsored by a gay bear social networking site. The FFA class was run by the shop teacher, just like it was at school. The teacher was a nondescript black guy in the classic Target outfit of red shirt and khaki pants.

He started complaining how hard he had it at Target, and all the stuff he had to do with the handheld scanning computer all employees carry, and I was telling him not to complain and was about to start spilling all the BS I had to deal with as a sales floor team member there, when I woke up.


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