six months ’til it’s all change

If all goes according to plan, in six months I will be headed to Alabama in order for me to move in with Tyler in our own apartment. It’s going to be a huge change for me.

The last time I moved any long distance was from my family and our home in the Austin area to college in Denton. That was less than 250 miles, and I still suffered from about a week of… what you must call post-partum depression for a grandmama’s boy who’d never gone anywhere on his own before. This move will be about three times that distance: away from absolutely everybody I’ve ever come to know.

I know six months is a lot of time to plan something, and I’m romanticizing it terribly. I just got finished telling Tyler that I want to make a mix CD to play on the trip out. Mostly songs about goodbyes, change, et cetera. You know, something so sweet it’ll give you diabetes just by listening to it.

This move needs to happen, for many reasons. I need a new environment. I need a new dynamic. For a selfish reason, Tyler is really my muse, and Bloodbound wouldn’t have happened were it not for him, but even if there weren’t an idea in the world Tyler could give me, I just need to be with him.


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