headaches and good nerd news

It would figure that the first day I get off after a near week of closing, I have a headache nagging the left side of my head. It’s dull and comes and goes in waves, but it’s really hampered my writing that I had planned for today. I’ve completed four pages since I opened up Microsoft Word some five hours ago. It disappoints me, but I have to x-out of the processor now and hope for better results Wednesday.

Despite the headache, I got some great and wonderful nerdy news. Hey Dude, one of the many beloved Nickelodeon series left to sit on shelves and decrepit VHS tapes for some ten years now, is finally being put out on DVD. This excites me because it seems like a resurgence of the Nick Rewind collection (albeit without the cool name). This combined with the upcoming classic Nick block to be seen on TeenNick this fall makes me think better of the cable channel’s treatment of the series (plural) that made the channel what it is.

Oh, and classic Nick trivia for you: Salute Your Shorts‘ Tim Eyster (Sponge) and Hey Dude‘s Christine Taylor (Melody; you may know her today as Mrs. Zoolander), both appeared on the series finale of Dallas in 1991. Classic Nick DVDs, as well as Dallas as a series, both return to us this fall. What a cycle, eh?

Incidentally, this post took me a half hour to write due to all the headacheyness.


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