character profile – tyler austin

For those new to the Bloodbound books or for those who just want a full character biography, I’m going to start writing blog posts here with all that in-depth information. Some of the info is covered in the books; others may show up in later stories. We’re starting off with a look at Tyler.

Name: Caelen Taylor (pronounced Kyle, silent n)

DOB: March 23, 1843

DOV: December 31, 1862

Family Left Behind: Mother, Father, Sister

Personal Background: Caelen enlisted in the Union Army during the start of the Civil War, lying about his age to join up. Shortly after turning nineteen Caelen transferred to the Navy and was enlisted as a crewman on the USS Monitor, the Union’s first ironclad warship. However, the Monitor was swamped by heavy waves on New Year’s Eve 1862, and Caelen was one of 63 men dumped into the water. He was assumed drowned, and his family were notified of his death by March of 1863, and told his body was lost at sea.

In reality, Caelen had been plucked from the waves by a vampire named Silvestri, who fed from him and begun the vampirism process without the young man’s consent.

Caelen’s first moments as a newly-awoken vampire were frought with peril. Nearby villagers had been alerted to Silvestri’s identity as a vampire and charged his house, staking him and setting fire to the compound. Caelen was able to escape out the second-story window, flying out into the forests to hide for several days.

Without a Maker to lean on for support and guidance, Caelen lived the life of a rogue vampire for his first few years, feeding off stray animals and random humans for sustenance as he travelled America. In the 1880s, Caelen made the acquaintance of a vampire pack, who helped him learn all about his vampire abilities and trained him in self defense. In 1884, while living with his pack in Austin, Texas, a series of grisly murders against servant girls frightened the city to its core, and the presence of werewolves and vampires was suspected.

… to be continued…


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