television – how i roll with that

Very rarely am I fan of a TV series right from the beginning. The reason for this is that I often find myself disappointed when the series is canceled in the middle of its freshman season. The last show I spent all summer waiting for, watched religiously through fall, then learned of its cancellation due to low ratings, was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (major Aaron Sorkin fan here). I actually was hyped for that series and its sitcom adversary, 30 Rock, and continue to watch the latter.

I am a funny being when it comes to popular TV series and movies. If something is heavily promoted and plastered over every billboard, the less likely I am to want to watch it. The more of a fanatic following something has, the less I want to spend any time watching (this is part of why I have yet to see a Harry Potter film).

Instead, I have to discover the series on my own time, watch it in the privacy of my own home, and then just maybe I’ll become a devoted fan. That’s actually how I came across True Blood: when I saw my tenth or eleventh “Twilight vs. True Blood” article on the web, I figured “eh, I’ll see what this is about,” and I rented the DVD the week it came out. I was indeed hooked from the opening scene and have been a devoted follower– pardon me, a Truebie, ever since.

But back to what I said about fanaticism. The more something is suggested to me, the less likely I am to want to watch it. This was the case with Doctor Who. I know, I know, I can hear the gasps of shock and disgust. In hindsight, I don’t know why I shyed away from watching the show–actually, yes I do. Suggestions of being a TV companion to the Doctor were given to me while people were sat in front of their Xboxes or PS2/3’s, or playing World of Warcraft, or what have you. Geeky suggestions half-handedly given to me while in the throws of geeky activities do not fill me with sincerity.

It’s blatant snobbery, I know. I don’t agree with it, and its a part of me that I want to desperately change.

What finally made me take a chance on it? Two things: the recent death of Elisabeth Sladen (who Doctor fans know is Sarah Jane), and my boyfriend Tyler. I watched the tribute video CBBC made in honor of Elisabeth this past week and got to see clips of DW and SJA, and connected that to a recent Hollywood Reporter article in which Alex Kingston mentions that the show is technically considered a childrens’ show.

What I saw did have a really funny kids’ edge to it, when I thought about it, and I had flashback memories to watching The Tomorrow People. I liked that show, why not DW?

And for the other bit: Tyler said he wanted to watch it. Am I that big of a pushover when it comes to trying new things? Yes. He is my crutch and I don’t deny it.

So yeah, we watched the first two episodes of the Christopher Eccleston incarnation tonight and we fell in love with it instantly. We’re going to burn through the 56 episodes Netflix has available on instant streaming without any effort at all.


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