the trials of living miles apart

So as most of you know by now, Alabama got hit pretty severely by thunderstorms and tornadoes. I was watching the streaming coverage online once Huntsville started being inundated. Hunstville is where Tyler lives and where I plan to be moving in September.

Minutes after he told me on MSN that the power might go out, it did, and I waited awhile to see if he’d come back on. He didn’t, and I figured it would be time to go ahead and get one or two errands taken care of. I went out and did my grocery shopping, then came back. Tyler’s icon was green. Oh, good, I thought, I can continue talking to him.

I messaged once… twice.. three times but got no reply. I had a sick feeling grow in the pit of my stomach. I reached for my phone and called. No dial tone, just dead air. I started to panic.

Long story short, Tyler is OK. His area of Huntsville scraped by without too much damage, but the entire region is without electricity, and it may be four or even five days before power gets restored again.

This is part of why I am so anxious to move out to him. I don’t like having this big an emotional attachment to someone and being so far away from them. The sooner September comes, the sooner I can be with him for good.


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