brewing book number three

I’m feeling that itch again. And no, not that itch, that clears up with the seasonal allergies. I’m wanting to write again. I haven’t had the time though to start in on my process, and that’s only made things worse on my poor brain. “Must remember this,” it tells me. “Must make sure this happens. Must make sure Tyler says that. Must make sure you make a reference to these.”

And then, of course, I never remember. I bought a journal to write notes down into, but it’s been sitting on my Lovesac now for days, untouched. (And don’t cringe, it’s furniture. Lovesac is furniture. Get your minds outta the gutter.)

But, I start getting a little bit more time off come tomorrow and Monday. I want to at least get the brainstorming and prewriting process started, so I have a skeletal idea of the course I want Bloodbound 3 to take.

Wish me luck. And wish that I stop making weird personal jokes in my blog posts. For your sake.


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