ahoy there, kobo! couldn’t keep us away forever

 It took a lot of waiting, possibly not patient waiting on my part, but nonetheless: my partners at Smashwords have finally successfully ported both Bloodbound novels to Kobo!

In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that Kobo eBookstore is partners with my dayjob, Borders Group, but that there’s no conflict of interest here as a) the books are widely available everywhere else, and b) they don’t even show up on Borders.com properly yet. (I also don’t speak on behalf of the company, so there’s all my disclaimers out of the way.)

As with all the other eRetailers, digital versions of my two books run $9.99 at Kobo unless you have coupon codes, special promotion discounts, et cetera. All you gotta do is head to Kobo’s website, or directly from your Kobo-enabled eReader or mobile app and search for my name and/or Bloodbound.

This completes the circle of life as far as distribution is concerned. Any other retailers that add my novels are indies or those that just decide to hop on the bandwagon and hook up with Smashwords, and if you -are- one of those retailers, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you a shoutout!


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