summer obsessions – true blood

Next up on my list of summer obsessions is the mother of all summer obsessions, and one, I wholeheartedly admit, inspired me to start writing Bloodbound in the first place.

True Blood started on HBO just as the summer of 2008 was ending, and I didn’t actually get into the show until after the first season wrapped. I actually sat through the whole season in one sitting, thanks so much to DVD rentals and my former employer’s lack of scheduling me more than twice a week at the time.

TB offered me what the Twilight series did not: vampires who kicked butt. Female protagonists who kicked butt. The general amount of butt-kicking gave me more satisfaction than vampires and female protagonists who got together and whined for an hour and a half about their feelings. (NOTE: Even though that was a derogatory comment, I do not argue that ‘Twilight’ shouldn’t exist: there is obviously an audience for that version of the genre, but obviously that audience is not me.)

I also liked the fact that sexuality is prevalent, both on-screen with characters like Lafayette and Pam, but also in the subtextual, metaphorical sense: I mean, come on, the vampires “came out of the coffin.” You don’t have to hit me over the head to tell me that didn’t stand for something.

What more could I say about TB that hasn’t already been written? The writing is superb, the acting is stellar, and it all meshes into a believable environment that draws me in week after week.

The fandom of True Blood / Southern Vampire Mysteries (the books on which the series is based) is fiercely loyal, and astoundingly creative. Thanks to fan interest and demand, there is a thriving Twitter-based role play community (of which me and Tyler are both part of), and HBO has gone to extreme lengths to keep the fans happy, from games and activities during series hiatuses, and broadening the merchandising into actual Tru:Blood beverages, Fangtasia and Merlotte’s bar equipment, and tons more. HBO is to be commended for encouraging all the madness that surrounds this show in increasingly exciting and engaging ways.

It was that excitement and creativity that led me to brainstorm ideas for a gay-centric vampire story, and within a few months of the idea, Bloodbound and Bloodborn novellas were written, and shortly after that, the novel combining the two was devised, and et cetera et cetera. This would not have happened had I not been so inspired by TB. Speaking of which…

There will be a cool little connection between the worlds of Bloodbound and the True Blood in the next few weeks: stay tuned for that announcement here shortly.


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