insomnia, massage, result

So this past week has been unnecessarily stressful. In planning for the move in September (we’re under the 90 day mark now), I’ve done what I normally do, which is plan for things at an insanely early rate. This usually means it saves me money, but it also means more time to worry about whether I’m covering all my bases or not.

But at night my mind has been racing so much with this, that and the other. So much so, that it takes ages for me to get to sleep. Like, nearly at dawn. And in the case of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, none at all. So as soon as the Massage Envy location near my work opened up, I called and asked for an appointment a few hours from then.

Long story short time… OMG I NEEDED THAT. Apart from the numerous times I fell asleep during the session, I came home around 230pm and promptly conked out for another two hours. Then after some light homework and chatting with Tyler online, another nearly 8 hours of sleep. I also had a fairly decent night’s sleep yesterday, as in I didn’t wake up in the middle like I had been last week. I’m going to go at least once a month until moving time comes around, because I think there’s something to the reflexology techniques being used on me and it’s rejuvenating effects on me afterward.


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