notice given

As far as pieces of the moving puzzle are concerned, it’s pretty small, but today we gave my current apartment notice that I’m leaving at the end of September.

I consider it huge because it starts the final countdown of my life as I currently know it. Two months from now, Tyler will be here, helping me gear up to load all my belongings into a truck (for the eleventh time in five years). But instead of me going to another dorm room, or back home to my folks, I am moving to be with him. Life begins anew.

At the same time I’m just getting impatient for it to happen. I’m still going to be working between now and then, but at our store’s liquidation sale. I feel like I’m on a lifeboat watching the Titanic slip under, hoping for my Carpathia to show up soon and pick me up. I have to accept the fact that the store is going to look like ever-loving hell from here on out, and if I just push everything obsessive-compulsive out of my head, I can just ignore the pyramids of books left steps away from the cart marked ‘Put unwanted books here.’

Yup, just gonna bob up and down on my boat, waiting for Tyler to come rescue me.


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