get me a damn job and you can have it for 100% off…

Okay, so Day 2 of the 5-day Liquidation Marathon, Week 1 came and went without much incident. Nobody was mean, nobody was inherently bitchy, except for someone a co-worker had to deal with about a five pound bag of coffee she was ‘promised.’

If there has to be one thing I can complain about, and I have to stress I really had to dig for it, is how people seem to think that goading us about the sale price in jest is at all funny.

“Hey, that’s 100% off today, right?”

“That was 90% off, right?”

“How’s about adding your employee discount?”

Well, first things first, our employee discount was the first thing they got rid of, after ripping out the computers we use to do inventory searches. So you can kiss that joke goodbye.

Secondly, after having to debate people about the posted price of things in the first place, why do you think it’s funny to ask about 90% off, much less absolutely free? Also, when you take into account that these sales are coming at the cost of (let’s say it together now) 11,000 jobs, I beg you to please find the humor in that for me.


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