small victories

Well, I was going to write this last night after getting home from work, which is usually what I do. But frankly, I was too tired. Then I got rudely woken up by apartment maintenance with a leaf blower sonata outside my window, and it took me awhile to go back to sleep. So now, some 12 hours after the fact, is my blog post about work.

For all intents and purposes this should have been a horrible night. There were only three of us: the manager for the night, one co-worker, and myself. Three people running a liquidation sale. It should have been madness.

But, as far as liquidation sale traffic goes, it was extremely slow.

I believe the picture to the right is part of the cause. (It’s blurry, but I’m sure you can deal.) Last weekend before these signs went up, we had people sitting on every damn ledge in the store, stacks of books and magazines piled high amongst them. Freeloaders, every one of them. Then at night, I’d see mountains of stuff that had continued to be piled up on the ledges. Last night, however, not a single item left on the ledges. Talk about an effective solution!

Preparations are also starting for the sale of the store’s fixtures and furniture. This is where things start to stir up emotions and awkwardness. The liquidation guy and our store’s keyholder started putting tags on some of the things in the cafe area (including a little something for me, but I’m not going to divulge until the deal is done and other people start getting to buy). We’re at the point where every day I come in, a couple of bookshelf bays have disappeared into the holding area (read: the cafe floor), and every night I see others get closer and closer to being banished there as well.

But back to the smaller occupancy last night: It helped a great deal because there was less crap to have to put back on shelves, so I could get on with the ‘more important’ job of cleaning the kids’ department back up to its usual level of disarray. I managed to start a half hour before the store closed and finished about 40 minutes later. Then I just started straightening shelves. By the time we were all done, the only section that we hadn’t gotten to was the corner with math, science and business.

And considering how big  a pain Kids is to clean all by one’s self; that is quite the victory.


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