letting it all spew out

Part of my problem is that I’ve been too accustomed to working a day or two, having another day or two off, cycling in this pattern for weeks at a time. These last two weeks I’ve been working five days straight and I’ve found I’ve become a spoiled child. All I say to people is I want my weekend to hurry up, while at the same time thankful for all the extra hours this liquidation is providing.

Today, however, was the closest I’ve gotten to losing my sanity in the whole time I’ve worked for this store. It started fairly quickly after I clocked in. I was asked by a woman with a baby stroller where to find Sidney Sheldon. I directed her to the appropriate area, and continued on with my putting up of random crap.

Ten minutes later I come across a few books on the floor, and I notice that one of them is a Sidney Sheldon. I pick them up, and notice that the covers feel… slick, almost oily. I take a closer look. There’s spit-up or full-on vomit on the covers of both of these books.

I don’t even want to know the circumstances surrounding how that came to be, but the correct thing to do would be to find someone, anyone, and admit to it. Hell, in this day and age, we would have just said “Things happen” and let her go, even under a liquidation situation. But no, she leaves them on the floor to collect God knows what in addition to the puke.

After about ten minutes of getting the smell off my hands at the break room sink, I continued on about my futile job of putting stuff back on shelves; I was interrupted to get rid of a cup of tobacco spit and a wad of yellowed toilet paper from the Kids’ section.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I get a sick feeling every time I see kids touching or putting their mouths on stuff that’s been on that floor.


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