my life as a series of mistakes: part one on sale now


My latest writing project is up, exclusively for the Kindle! Called My Life as a Series of Mistakes, this is nothing more but a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious series of anecdotes about the stupid things I have done while growing up. The first part, Grade School Consequential, is eight small stories about the things I’ve done to cause destruction or injury to myself and those around me. The point of the book is to just share the fact that everybody does stupid things, and for better or for worse, they have an impact on the person you eventually grow up to be.

Future entries in the series will include high school hijinks, college freshman F-ups, and errors I’ve caused myself as an adult just starting out in the world. They will likely include objectionable material here and there, so be forewarned. But for now, enjoy the simple innocence of me doing stupid things as a child.


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