penultimate shift

This went by much quicker than I expected. Tomorrow will be my last night at Borders, or The Shell of a Retail Space Formerly Known as Borders. The place is virtually unrecognizable to the bookstore I got hired into at the new year. 2/3 of the store is cordoned off for the Arlington Public Library to come in and dismantle their bookshelves. When I get to work later today, the shelves behind my registers will be gone, as will another large chunk of bookshelves. It will look depressing and it will likely be an ebb and flow of busy.

I would be reflective about the whole thing, but in all honesty, I just want it behind me already. I have lots to prepare for, including the move to Alabama, as well as trying to pick up a low grade I’m getting in my class (only partially deserved, imo). I need the rest and the focus. In fact, I plan to do the one thing I have yet to do at this apartment complex: Go swimming. Sometime in the middle of next week, I’m gonna go out to this rather pretty pool that I never got to go in, and just wade in for a little while. I’m going to enjoy the sun, enjoy the feel of summer slowly turning to autumn, and have a good ol’ poetic orgy of feelings and sensations.


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