tick tock

No, I will never use the Kesha spelling of Tick Tock. No, I will never use a dollar sign in place of an S.

Now that’s taken care of…

Eleven days from now, Tyler and I will be packing all my worldly goods into a small truck and heading out on the interstate. After an overnight stay in Louisiana, we’ll finish up our sojourn the next afternoon when we ‘land’ in Alabama at his… our… new apartment.

It’s so cliche, I know, but I never thought this day would come. We made this plan back in January, just after the New Year, upon my return from visiting him for a week. I asked, when can we finally move in together? His reply was ‘when does your current lease expire?’

End of September, I said. Sounds like the end of September then, he said.

And so I just had to spend the bulk of this year in a whiny, petulant mental state, wanting so badly for it to be September already. March came… ‘six months to go,’ I decreed, like I’d cleared a four-foot hurdle or something. All that did was made April, May and June damn near impossible to live with myself through. Time passed so slowly. Days blended together, weeks had no meaning to me anymore.

The final trimester of this situation was spent finalizing plans and then riding it out peacefully… at least, that’s how it should have gone. Finalizing plans was the easy part. Online reservations are a godsend, and I had a moving truck and hotel room rented in less than an hour all the way back in July.

Then all I had left to do was continue going to work, and that was getting hard enough to do with the oppressive summer heat and the influx of kids coming in at all hours of the day.

Then I started seeing the writing on the wall at Borders. We’d had people asking when we were closing since the first round of bankruptcy proceedings in February. “We’re not,” I replied. “We’re staying here, and in fact we’re remodeling!” And it was true, for a while. We’d even been sent blueprints for the new layout — alright, it wasn’t really a remodel, just a new arrangement of departments, but it was an expansion of selection. I had already gone through the trouble of re-categorizing and re-alphabetizing the whole of the Food & Cooking department. Other sections were already moving to their new places, and I was waiting on the word to start moving mine.

Then we got the order to quit moving everything.

Officially the reason was because the test store they tried the layout on was suffering in sales. But that store was being affected adversely by road construction surrounding it, so their sales were going to suffer regardless. I had that instinctual feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong: the deal to sell Borders to a private investor fell through soon after that, and within a week of that, the liquidations started.

All of August was spent waking up late in the day and dreading going into work, answering the same fifteen questions fifteen thousand times a day. Suffering the insolence of entitled people, biting my tongue from wicked insults from equally wicked, materialistic, opportunistic vultures. I barely had a moment’s peace.

Then, last weekend, it abruptly ended. Ours were part of the first round of permanent closures, and that was that. I’ve busied myself as best I can, continuing with my school work, packing, catching up on lots of rest.

And counting down. Always counting down…


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