new digs, new job, new outlook

Alright, where to begin?

The move to Alabama went quite smoothly. Tyler’s worries about driving the truck faded away quickly. We spent the night in a marvelous hotel in Vicksburg that had, among other things, a stunning jaccuzi tub. We pulled into Huntsville around 4pm the following day.

The apartment… ehhhh. Let’s be frank: it sucked. The pictures Tyler had sent me really didn’t capture some of the major problems, such as the fact that the carpet hadn’t been cleaned and god knows what has been ground into it. There’s also holes in ceilings all over the place, part of a hunt for a phantom leak. They haven’t been patched yet.

It really did upset me because I was hoping to just get started on unpacking and organizing, but that had to be put on hold until this, that and the other got fixed.

Or not. Day after day went by without anything being fixed, apart from the refrigerator being pulled out and replaced with a new model. That’s fine, but the linoleum is stained and peeling in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I can’t paint in either until that’s taken care of.

I did manage to paint the living room a nice shade of gunmetal grey. That’s helped a great deal. Minus the carpet, it’s the only room to now be entirely complete.

The day after arriving, I had my testing at DirecTV. Without going into detail, I can say that when you hear the recorded voice on the phone say ‘this phone call may be recorded for training purposes,’ that’s what they mean: I got to listen to several recorded phone calls highlighting what I’ll be looking forward to once the job starts.

Oh, yes: I got the job. Immediately after finishing the testing, the woman administering it said, “Would you be available to go ahead and take your second interview?” An hour later, I walked out of the office holding paperwork and my drug test instructions.

I start on the 17th for a five or six week training course. I’m beyond excited.

It’s also helped me get a new view on my new living situation and prevented me from being all worried about every little detail. I’ve got a great job lined up now, at a much better pay rate than I’ve been earning in the last six years. The cost of living here is going to be much less than in DFW, and that’s going to be great for savings and living more comfortably than I have been.


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