landed the job!

I got the call this morning, making it all official: I have just gotten in on the ground floor of the local NBC station. I come in on Wednesday to train while I work out my notice at the frozen yogurt shop. I’ll officially start the first week of September, but I may be able to grab a few shifts in the meantime, since the shop only ever scheduled me for two or three shifts a week.

I will be starting out learning the cameras and teleprompters, and depending on my mastery of those, I will be able to start training in other areas of the station. I’ll be working about 30 hours a week, which means that starting out I’ll already be making nearly four times per paycheck what I was at the yogurt shop.

I’m grateful this is an actual job and not an internship, as that seemed even harder to come by. I’m thrilled I’ll start out working with the equipment right off the bat, because what I do will have an impact on what goes on the air live.

Finally. That’s really all that sums up my feelings. The time has come to start working where I’ve wanted to for so long.


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