a different world

I told myself I wasn’t going to romanticize my new job. I think I have been successful in objectively soaking in my new surroundings, learning the ropes, and assimilating myself into the fold.

But I can’t help feeling like things are finally falling into place, that I’m at a good place all around.

The hours are very reasonable, and I get home on the same day I left. That is to say, I don’t have to wait til midnight to close the yogurt shop, or eleven p.m., washing and mopping the place and leaving, only to get home after 12am. I have to get re-used to actually being able to relax and unwind for a few hours before bedtime.

Tyler’s work has worked with him to be able to get me to and from work and still keep his own job. He’ll get over an hour for break, in order to come get me, drop me off, and return for the last few hours of his job. Our days off are going to mesh, at least in part.

I have plenty of time in between newscasts with which to do my college homework. There’s been a small hiccup with regards to getting my office password working. So far it’s not, but I’m sure that’ll eventually get worked out.

And, what I think to be the best part yet: Last night while I was wandering the halls of the station, I went into the mailroom and found a scale. I haven’t weighed myself since I worked at DirecTV, when I was close to 310. I debated whether or not I wanted to go down that road again. Eventually I relented and stepped on the scale.



Thirty pounds gone.

So were any doubts I had about this new move, new job, and essentially new life.

My ride’s only just begun, and it’s feeling and looking great.


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