gaymercon – why i’m going

Early last month I browsed Kickstarter for the first time in over a year, on a quest to find something to occupy my time, and maybe spend a little money (because disposable income is awesome like that.

It was about twenty minutes of searching later that I came across Gaymercon – and initially, I was keen to skip over it. My history of going to cons, and by the same measure, ex-boyfriends who were interested in going to cons, was negative at best. I won’t go into the details, just suffice to say there was lots of unnecessary drama, gossip, plus a lack of that disposable income I was talking about a bit ago.

Then a lot of other thoughts went through my head. Firstly, Tyler is a con fan: I’ve seen pics of him from other conventions in cosplay and otherwise having a good time. I always felt bad about the fact that I swore to him when we started dating that I would be unlikely to attend a con with him based on my previous experience. It didn’t drive a wedge between us or anything, but it was a boundary that didn’t need to be set on my part.

The more I read about the purpose of Gaymercon, the more excited I got. The overriding theme of Gaymercon is not for gay guys to get together, drool over Call of Duty and then go into a hotel suite for a mass orgy, which is what Westboro Baptist is likely to believe (they’re planning to protest the event). The theme, the word that keeps popping up in all the press Gaymercon has gotten, is inclusion. Everyone’s invited, LGBTQIA (lesbian/gay/bi/trans/queer/intersex/allies, as Kathy Griffin calls it) or straight, and all types of gaming are said to have space at the convention, including card games, board games and trivia games, which is more my area of expertise. As Tyler will tell you with some degree of crestfallenness, I beat him quite readily and frequently in trivia. And I like that.

So, this past week, I made a donation on the final days of the Kickstarter project and secured Tyler and myself badges for the event. All told, over $90,000 in contributions were made, from an initial goal of $25,000. If that doesn’t show solidarity and support for the community, I don’t know what does. Well, videos of support from Ellen (GLaDOS) McLain and the Xbox LIVE team do too. But it’s gravy. All gravy.

Anyway, going to Gaymercon will offer me more fulfillment in the personal growth area: I’ll be traveling to California and seeing another state for the first time. I’ll be going to San Francisco, which is like gay Mecca, so that’s a bucket list item checked off. I’ll be on a major trip with Tyler, obviously, and I’ll be going to a convention where I’m already filled with the feeling I will enjoy my time, be accepted for my varied tastes and interests, and most importantly, with the person I love.

I’m at a place now where I feel good about myself and don’t mind being seen in public. I weigh less, I have a good job, a marvelous partner, and I want to celebrate that. Gaymercon will be the place I celebrate that.

It’s a year out, the first weekend of August 2013, which allows me a lot of time at my new, better-paying job to save up the estimated $2,000 in airfare and hotel accommodation for the con and the extra day or two Tyler and I think we could use to explore the city. Tyler will be chipping in of course, so it won’t take too long to achieve that goal.

He and I are already daydreaming about all the things we’ll do and the people we’ll meet while we’re there. He’s excited to be there, and I’m excited to be there with him.

Co-op, indeed. 😉


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