Without mentioning names or specific events, I will say that I feel quite confident in my ability to size people up just by being around them for a short amount of time. I think I can tell who will be easy to make friends with, who I can converse with, who I should just greet in passing, and who I should just not make contact with.

I deliberately tell myself pick up on people’s vibes for about three weeks at a new place. In that sense, I’m like a fatter Sookie Stackhouse. These ‘vibes’ don’t stop, and I have to simply read what’s being put out and store them away in memory so that when I interact with these people in future, I am confident in what I say or do. It saves in embarrassment and undue sycophancy.

If none of that made sense, it’s because I am just coming off an hour and a half of mind-racing, my brain decompressing from a Friday Night Fever session at the station. FNF, for those who don’t live in the area, is our high school football coverage blitz. I have to stay on my toes (figuratively) a bit more because things change at a more breakneck pace than even the live newscasts.

Thankfully, I’m now starting to feel tired, so I think it’s off to bed with me.


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