new week, new duties

Though this week was fraught with stress, headaches, stress headaches and conflict, it all pales with the news that I’ll have new duties, only one month after being installed at the station.

Starting this upcoming weekend, I’ll be doing graphics for the weekend newscasts. That’s five shows spread across two days, and in most cases what I do for the first show each day will carry over to the next show with minor edits. Since I already have experience with Photoshop and simple video editing, that’s half my duties covered.

The big challenge will be the Chyron computer. Chryron is basically the graphics computer that puts up the name plates, mug shots, over the shoulder images and sports scores you see on the news each day. That is going to take some time to handle, so when I get back to work on Thursday following my ‘weekend,’ I’ll be focusing on that.

As far as the book goes, last week I finally got to put some more work into it. I finished the sixth chapter and started the first page of the seventh. We’re moving swiftly along.


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