working together

Since life seems to be one big cliché, it seems only right that the next development in mine and Tyler’s relationship sounds like the plot for a sitcom.

Tyler accepted a job at the station and will start in two weeks. He will have much the same schedule as I do, except he’ll be off Mondays and Tuesdays and will have to work the Saturday morning show as well.

He feels bad that he’s having to hand in his notice at the Space station, considering when the station had to pass on him just a few weeks ago, the Center promoted him to a projectionist’s position. After discussing it though, we decided it would be better for his hopeful career to move to the station and learn about production in media, cameras, et cetera.

I think this new job will help our relationship, too. We’ve both been tired and cranky towards each other lately, and I think part of that is due to us never seeing each other more than a couple of hours a night during the week. Well, that’ll certainly change!


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