felis domesticus

I’ve always been a cat person. When you grow up in your grandmother’s care along with no less than three cats around at any time, that tends to happen.

Having a cat during my depressive phase would probably have kept me from overeating because I would have had something to focus attention on and tend to. That didn’t happen though, and I ballooned.

I’m fifty pounds lighter now and I have the love of Tyler to keep me going, but as it turns out, I still want to look after and tend to a cat. Tyler understood and agreed, and this past month we’ve been searching for a cat.

We would have been doing this sooner, but our landlord requires a whopping $300 pet deposit (half a month’s rent essentially). We thought this was going to be too prohibitive, along with all the startup costs for the cat, but he surprisingly offered to let us spread the deposit across the next three months’ rent.

With that hurdle cleared, we found the perfect little guy to adopt. He was described on the adoption page as a ‘fawn colored tabby.’ I can’t get over how symmetrical he is; he has an ‘M’ marking on his forehead and every streak and patch is located in the same place on each side.

What the lady who runs the adoption center couldn’t believe is how quickly he adapted to me when we came to visit. Known to be very skittish around new people, he let me hold him within the first five to ten minutes of our visit. She said she’s never seen any cat bond with someone that quickly, so she has no doubt this is the cat for us.

His name is Nate, and he is one of 26 cats whose vet bills and microchipping costs were paid for outright by a woman doing a ’26 acts of kindness’ thing inspired by the Sandy Hook shooting. We will be picking him up from the shelter one week from today and I couldn’t be more excited. We already have all the supplies purchased; in fact, there’s going to be five packages arriving between FedEx and UPS today (Amazon Prime is reeeeeeally worth it, by the by).

=^^= ~


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