up with people!

I’m about to head into another one of those whirlwind fortnights with a lot of activity and a lot of life adjustment.

Next weekend is my mom’s memorial service, six months removed from her passing. It’s going to involve being at the airport at an hour I haven’t willingly seen in ages, a few hours in the car, and (hopefully) a comfortable room to myself in a hotel suite. Following all that, I’ll have a brief amount of time visiting friends back in Dallas before heading back home.

The week before that (and likely after) will be BUSY. All caps. I am happy to report that I’ve gotten what amounts to a promotion at the station! I’ll help run the website and social media accounts. I think it’ll be 4 days a week with longer hours, but it’s all going to be rewarding because I’ll be doing what I’m doing right now (blogging) and tapping back into my journalism background updating the main site.

It requires having to pull a few double shifts initially, as we still have to bring someone in to replace me on the studio floor. But this comes at a time when I could really use the hours and by extension the money. 

Because of course, that makes the world go round. 🙂


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