Ten months’ removed

So my last post was in June of last year. Yikes, I am horrible at macro-blogging. Facebook and Twitter? I’m excellent in that. It’s part of my job.

Oh, right. The last time I wrote here, I had just accepted a job at the web desk of the station I work for.

I’m happy to report that quickly blossomed into a full-time position. Benefits, insurance, vacations, the whole ball of wax. I’m very happy there, for many reasons. For one thing, there is no such thing as a routine day in journalism, or web journalism for that matter. The workload varies based on the news of the day. Sure, it can get aggravating from time to time, but at the end of the day, I’m always proud of the output. And that’s exactly what you want in your job.

On the subject of vacations, Tyler and I went to the GaymerX convention in San Francisco last August. Though I had difficulty keeping my social anxiety in check (hundreds if not thousands more people than expected in an incredibly small hotel), sharing a city for the first time with my partner is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. We also got free tattoos courtesy of the convention staff in exchange for them being con- or gamer- related and to be interviewed by the documentary crew that was there.

Tyler's tat is the Mass Effect N7 logo (Think Nov. 7); mine is a Big Brother logo and the GaymerX logo. Nov. 7 '09; our anniversary date!
Tyler’s tat is the Mass Effect N7 logo (Think Nov. 7); mine is a Big Brother logo and the GaymerX logo. Nov. 7 ’09; our anniversary date!

I’m a bit worried now because Tyler has the tattoo bug, so to speak – he wants more. He’s expressed interest in a full-sleeve. I don’t know about that. As for myself, I’m still interested in something celtic around a pectoral or on the other arm. Only time will tell, of course.

I self-published my third book last fall, and I have since begun the fourth in the series. Writer’s block has been a serious problem lately. It’s probably due to the work I love so much – it has really consumed my time to the point where I have little time to think about my story and how I want it to progress. It’s not a complaint so much as it is just a statement of where things stand. I’m sure I will get beyond the hurdle. Past experience has taught me that when inspiration hits me – and it will – I can just go with it.

That usually means me waking up at some ungodly hour and writing for an hour or so, cranking out an entire chapter. But that’s how I roll.

It’s also the thought of overcoming this latest bout of writer’s block that led me to look up my blogs and realize how badly I’ve neglected them, so here we are with the result of that.

Let’s talk about gadgetry for a bit. Tyler has a PS3 now thanks to the ever-topped-up supply of Fingerhut catalogs we keep getting. I won some Ninja kitchen products thanks to a YouTube video of me making chili with their miniature chopper set. The new blender, while incredibly noisy, makes soups, smoothies and other things that have contributed to me losing… get this… 70 pounds in my quest to shed all my depression-weight. We also now have the Ninja cooker, replacing our old crock-pot.

The weight loss has been the biggest blessing in the last year or so. I was literally carrying the weight of my world around with me, and with job, love, and finance starting to come into place, I’ve been able to start shedding that weight. Being in the right mindset has been the biggest thing I can point to with my success. Lots of water intake comes in second; and food intake third, because with the increase in fluids comes a decrease in appetite.

I have lost two pant sizes as of late, and am about to require another, smaller belt, or else get rid of a substantial portion of my wardrobe.

I think that pretty much sums up the last ten months since I last wrote. Here’s to hoping I don’t go another ten months between posts!



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