shotgun down the avalanche

So the last three or four weeks have been abnormally hectic. My supervisor at the web desk has ‘defected,’ if you will, to another department. The new supervisor has already been hired; I’ve already met him – he’s great – but we’ve had to spend all of February – a sweeps month- with me taking maybe about 55% of the acting responsibilities and duties of the supervisor’s job on top of my usual duties.

Add to that the fact that the last two weeks we’ve been hit with winter weather event after winter weather event – tonight having been the busiest in terms of what we’ve had to do on web.

That includes taking in closing and delay notices, entering them into the on-air crawl, the on-web story, taking viewer-submitted photos and video, road closure reports, power outage notices, answering questions from people on Facebook and Twitter – oh yeah, and using FB and T to relay each and every thing I just mentioned.

Plus write stories and clip video like I normally would.

Oh yeah, and there’s also the state high school basketball going on amid all of this too.

…And, let’s not forget those, who bless them, are not happy and complain over every thing we put on air, including the weather warnings and closing alerts.

That’s a lot to handle. And for most of these last three weeks, I’ve had to handle the bulk of that on my own, with maybe an hour or so of overlap with my other web teammates.

Tonight, however, the higher-ups gave me a partner for tonight, and might I say, it was a pleasant change. We tag-teamed, basically, swapping duties every so often as the ebb and flow of the workload changed throughout the night.

It meant I didn’t get to witness the fun things our talent were doing during the newscasts, like sledding on-air or making ’48 Snow Cream.’

But I got some weird vicarious feeling while watching them later as I made video clips, tagging them on Facebook after they were made live…

I still react oddly when I’m complimented on the work I do. I got berated so heavily in school for doing well in school – I guess now if I’m told anything resembling ‘good job,’ I become tense and nervous, or I clam up, unsure of how to simply say ‘thanks.’

Tonight, though, I knew exactly how to respond.

These people make me happy to come to work. They compel me to carry on, even when the day(s) prove tough, difficult, or miserable. They are a reminder that the varied workload makes each day interesting at a bare minimum.

And their praise of me quite honestly is starting to make me feel how I reckon I should – valued, welcomed, all part of what makes the workplace work.

And I value them too.


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