ups, downs, and the numbers which go either way

So, the long and short of it is, I found out last week I have diabetes.

There was, of course, the shock of the news – but afterward, there was the realization I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. I downed several sodas a day for over 20 years and only recently started doing the work to undo the damage.

I didn’t beat that clock.

But, as the doctor told me, all is not lost. I seem to have impressed her when I told her how I’ve lost nearly 80 pounds in the last two years or so, simply by will power of eating less and taking more exercise.

The prescription, she said – besides the obvious with my diagnosis; the glucose monitor, the testing strips, lancets, and an oral medication to bring down my glucose readings (my body makes too much insulin and doesn’t dispense it readily enough) – is to keep doing what I’m doing, but with a few more tweaks to my diet.

First thing to go were the regular sodas, and the hundreds if not thousands of grams of daily sugar those brought. I’ve gone ahead and switched to more sugar-free treats, and of course increased the vegetable intake.

With those changes plus upping the activity, I hope to not only lose a bit more weight, and hopefully some more inches, but the doctor holds hope that by one year from now I could actually go off the medication and even the testing.

When I first posted to Facebook about this, most of the replies I got from friends, family and co-workers all said the same thing: “you can do this.”

From that, I devised a mantra, something to tell myself every time I come up against some unknown obstacle in this journey I’m heading into; the latest hurdle I have already decided I will master.

“I got this.”


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