working on my fitness, he’s my witness

Pardon the Peas reference there.

Last week while roaming the halls at the station I went into the mail room, where, for whatever reason, there is a scale. I have always loathed scales from all my failed, parentally-compelled weight loss attempts. But I remembered that right when I got the job at the station, I decided to weigh myself. Surprise of surprises, between February when I had started at the yogurt shop, and September at the station, I had lost 30 pounds.

I stepped on the scale last week to find I’d lost six more.

36 pounds in seven months has been a lifetime best.

Now I feel ready to go further. I’ve altered my eating habits to more sensible portions and more water/juice intake over the last few months. This past Monday, I ordered a Kinect and two fitness games and I also ordered some Biggest Loser protein powder.

I am now determined to make exercise a part of my life, starting with 30 minutes every other day. Due to the various injuries on my leg and arm over the years, I need to carefully monitor what effect all the new movements do to them before I start ramping up the workouts.

My goal is to be at 250 or 240, in other words another 20-30 pounds lost by March. Here’s to the goal.


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